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Go Direct Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

Go Direct® Tris-Compatible Flat pH , order code GDX-FPH, $109
Specifications and User Guide

- Primary Test: It should read approximately 4 in its storage solution.

- Secondary Test: Take readings in fresh buffers, NOT distilled water! If no buffers are available, try it in vinegar (~ pH 2.5-3.5) and ammonia (~ pH 10.5-11.5). If readings do not change when the sensor is placed in different solutions, the sensor is possibly defective or damaged.


-TIL 2010: Why won't my pH Sensor calibrate?
-TIL 3625: Where do I get pH buffer solutions?
-TIL 3790: What is the difference between the pH buffer capsules with order codes PHB and PH-BUFCAP?

-TIL 782: The glass bulb of my pH Sensor is broken. Can it be repaired?
-TIL 730: The pH electrode I have been using no longer seems to work or is slow to respond. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
-TIL 3311: My pH probe no longer gives an accurate reading. What should I do?
-TIL 1286: Why doesn't my pH Sensor read pH 7 in distilled or deionized water?
-TIL 1599: What type of liquids cause problems for the pH Sensor?

-TIL 369: Where do I get pH or ORP Storage Solution? (Buffer Storage Solution)
-TIL 2338: What do I do about mold growth in my bottle of pH electrode storage solution?
-TIL 728: How can I keep my pH or ORP storage solution from spilling when the sensor is in use?
-TIL 2201: My pH sensors were stored dry. Will they still work?
-TIL 706: What is the best way to clean the glass bulb of the pH electrode?
-TIL 1060: Do any of your sensors require special storage?
-TIL 2174: I bought your pH buffer capsules. Can I make storage solution for my pH Sensors with this kit?
-TIL 2270: How do I dispose of my pH sensor?

- for buffers pH 4, 7, 10, pH Buffer Capsule Kit, order code PH-BUFCAP, $29
- pH Storage Solution, order code PH-SS, $18 (500 mL bottle)
- Storage Solution Bottles (5), order code BTL, $10 (5 bottles)

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