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Can I use a PASCO motion detector with the LabQuest, LabPro, CBL, or ULI interfaces?

No. Pasco's current motion detector is NOT COMPATIBLE with the LabQuest, LabQuest 2, LabQuest Mini, or LabQuest Stream due to hardware conflicts.

Over the years, Pasco has sold different versions of its motion detector. Some of these models may be able to work with some of our interfaces:

Pasco's Motion Sensor II came with a swivel removable cable and was sold in the following versions:
Order code: CI-6744-051 (for use with LabPro/CBL2 or CBL)
Order code: CI-6745-051 (for use with ULI II)

If you have a Pasco Motion Sensor II with removable cable, it can be connected to a LabPro, CBL, or CBL 2 using a Digital Sensor Cable, order code MDC-BTD, $5. To use the Pasco Motion Sensor II with a ULI you need a Cable Motion Detector to ULI, order code ULI-MDC.

Newer models of the Pasco Motion Sensor (as of January 2008) no longer have a removable cable and can not be used with any Vernier interfaces.

Note: Some Pasco Motion Sensor II units will not auto-ID. For a period of time, Pasco made the Motion Sensor II without the resistor-based ID used by LabPro. The sensor will still work, but it will not automatically identify itself. To bypass this problem, you will need to use an experiment file that is already configured to use a motion detector. The Pasco unit may also tick contuously betweeen data collection runs. To turn this off, disable live readouts. (In Logger Pro preferences, uncheck "Enable Motion Detector Live Readouts" and/or uncheck the menu item Experiment/Live Readouts.)

PASCO's much older motion detector does not have a removable cable. To use it with our interfaces, you would have to make and adapter or cut off the cables and add a BTD cable. To convert your sensor, do the following:

Connect BTD pin 1 (echo) to the middle of the stereo phone plug without the band.
Connect BTD pin 2 (init) to the middle of the stereo phone plug with the band.
Connect BTD pin 4 (+5V) to the tip of the stereo phone plug without the band.
Connect BTD pin 5 (GND) to the base of the stereo phone plug with the band.

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