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Go Direct Photogate Troubleshooting and FAQs

Go Direct® Photogate, order code GDX-VPG, $89
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Is the unit powered on or connected to a USB power source?
-Secondary Test: Connect the Photogate to the data-collection program. Confirm that the Photogate has been identified by the program, and then use your hand to block and unblock the gate to confirm that the Photogate is working.
-If the Photogate is not working with your Picket Fence, make sure that the protective plastic covering the picket fence has been removed.

If you are new to Photogates, this guide can you get started:

-TIL 4314: How do I set up a Go Direct Photogate to collect data using LabQuest 2 App?
-TIL 4315: How do I set up a Go Direct Photogate to collect data using Graphical Analysis 4?
-TIL 4322: How do I set up Go Direct Photogate for data collection in a projectile motion experiment?
-TIL 4317: How do you measure acceleration using Go Direct Photogates (GDX-VPG)?
-TIL 4318: How can I use Go Direct Photogates (GDX-VPG) to time the Science Olympiad Scrambler event?
-TIL 1467: What is the timing precision of photogate measurements?
-TIL 2195: Can I use a photogate to record animal movements?
-TIL 2507: How can I use a photogate to count events?
-TIL 2620: What nut size will work the the accessory rod that comes with photogates and force sensors?
-TIL 2698: Why does my data table have holes (empty cells) in it?
-TIL 3862: How do I collect data using a Motion Encoder and a photogate simultaneously?
-TIL 4135: Can you trigger a photogate with a green laser?
-TIL 3435: Can I measure g with a photogate and Time of Flight Pad?

Vernier Photogate with Picket Fence:
-TIL 2311: How can I use a Vernier Photogate to measure g?
-TIL 2275: How can I compare my g measurements to a local value and improve their accuracy?
-TIL 2312: Why does my photogate record a really high velocity at the beginning of a trial with a picket fence?
-TIL 2074: Why is my picket fence blue and black instead of clear and black?
-TIL 2313: How do I measure motion with a photogate using the Vernier Cart Picket Fence?
-TIL 2210: Does the Pasco picket fence work the same as the Vernier picket fence?
-TIL 2170: What are the dimensions of the cart picket fence?
-TIL 2936: Why does the Cart Picket Fence edge get detected by a photogate?

-Infrared source: Peak at 880 nm
-Output is high and LED off for unblocked gate
-Output is low and LED on for blocked gate

It is not necessary to calibrate this sensor.

Ultra Pulley Attachment, order code SPA, $24
Picket Fence, order code PF, $9
Cart Picket Fence, order code PF-CART, $6
Bar Tape, order code TAPE, $5
Laser Pointer, order code LASER, $19
Laser Pointer Stand, order code STAND, $14
Go Direct® 300 mAh Replacement Battery, order code GDX-BAT-300, $9
Micro USB Cable, order code CB-USB-MICRO, $5, included
Micro USB to USB-C Cable, order code CB-USB-C-MICRO, $9
Go Direct® Photogate Timing Cable, order code VPG-CB-GDX, $8
Go Direct® Time of Flight Pad Cable, order code TOF-CB-GDX, $8

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