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How can I keep from losing my stylus?

Included in the box of the LabQuest 2 is a tether to attach your stylus to the LabQuest 2. We recommend attaching the tether to the LabQuest 2 so that students dont accidentally lose the stylus.

Once you open the box and remove the LabQuest 2 you will see this

Remove the cardboard insert and underneath you will see a black spiral in a bag taped to the bottom

Use the tether to attach the stylus to your interface as seen in the photo below

Enjoy using your LabQuest 2.

LabQuest Stylus Tethers (Set of 5), order code LQ-TETH-5, $5
LabQuest 2 Stylus (Set of 5), order code LQ2-STYL-5, $5

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