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Can I use your Go Direct sensors with other software?

Yes, the Go Direct sensors can communicate through a large variety of programming languages including Python, Java Script, LabVIEW, and Scratch. Here is a brief summary of the requirements for these.

This popular block based programming language makes coding accessible to even the youngest students. Combine coding with input from the classroom via the Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor, order code GDX-FOR, $99 to bring the real world into your coding activities. Requires a Mac or Windows computer and the installation of the Scratch Link software.

For links and getting started information please visit

Limited to a single Bluetooth or USB connection. Requires the use of a specific Bluetooth dongle:

For additional information visit

Java Script
Best when used with Chrome as a web browser. Uses Web Bluetooth. Getting started guide and examples can be found at

LabVIEW and our Go Direct sensors have a very solid connection. There is a good example here:
If you are a LabVIEW programmer, you just need to download our VI's to be able to make the connection:

Google Workbench
Workbench has incorporated several of our sensors into the Programming section of their website. This allows you to code in a Blockly-based environment using our sensor data and interacting with other equipment such as Microbit and SAM LABS education tools.

Google Science Journal
Science Journal allows for connection with our Go Direct sensors. This is currently only supported on Android devices.

Microsoft Excel
The other brand new feature you may want to explore is the ability to collect data into Excel directly. Requires Windows 10 computer, Microsoft Excel Data Streamer, Excel, and the latest version of Vernier Graphical Analysis™ 4 app.

For more information visit this page for some ideas and instruction:

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