macOS® 10.15 (also called Catalina) was released October 7, 2019.

  • Logger Pro 3.16 is fully supported with the exception of video capture. Video analysis is supported.
  • While Logger Pro 3.15 has been notarized to install and run in macOS 10.15, it is not fully supported. All video functions, Vernier-branded spectrometers (all Spectrovis, Vernier Emissions Spec), Ohaus® balances, Watts Up, and WDSS do not work. Use Logger Pro 3.16 instead.
  • Graphical Analysis 4.10 is fully supported.
  • Spectral Analysis 4.8.4 is fully supported.
  • LabQuest Viewer 2.0 is fully supported.

Older versions of the above software are not supported and they will not install on your computer.

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