Printing is greatly improved in Logger Pro 3. If you have LabPro interfaces, we recommend that you update to the newer version of Logger Pro 3. If you have ULIs or Serial Boxes and so Logger Pro 3 is not an option, the following are some suggestions to resolve Logger Pro printing problems:

1) Make sure the latest version of Logger Pro 2 (2.2.1) is being used. If you have an older version, the update is a free download from our web site.

2) Reduce the printer resolution to 600 dpi or lower.

3) Create a new printer on your computer that uses a Microsoft-supplied print driver (provided on the Windows installation CD). In our tests, Logger Pro 2 works much better with Microsoft printer drivers than it does with the drivers supplied by the printer manufacturers.

4)Try using the PCL5 or Postscript version of the same driver.

5)In Logger Pro, use the “Print Screen” option instead of the “Print Window” option. This sends a bit map of the screen contents to the printer, which often bypasses printer driver issues.

6)Printing from Logger Pro 2.x may not be reliable to any printer on a Novell network if NDPS is being used in addition to other printing systems (e.g., MS shared printers, TCP/IP printing or captured LPT ports.) First, make sure the Novell server is fully patched. Second, if NDPS is used on the network and a workstation cannot print, remove all non-NDS printers from the printer control panel on the workstation then restart the workstation. (Printing in a pure NDPS environment works perfectly in our tests.)

7) If you’re using a network printer on Windows 2000 or XP, the path to the printer name must be less than 31 characters.
For example, that means that you can’t print the the printer “Einsteinhp LaserJet 1300n PCL 6” but if you just rename the printer (or make another one) on the server called “Einsteinhp1300n” (and resetup the clients to point there,) everything works.

Two Possible workarounds for the probelm:
A) Press “ALT+PRINT Screen”, then switch to another program (Word, Wordpad, etc.) and choose “Paste”. This will paste a bitmap of the screen into the other program, and you can print from the other program.

B) You can avoid the problem entiely by usinga program called FinePrint ($20/seat for educational users) from The fineprint driver will do the actual printing, and works when Logger Pro doesn’t. It is a handy and slick little program that is very easy to use.