This information is about legacy licenses sold through 2022.

Vernier Video Analysis and Graphical Analysis Pro are distributed on a site license subscription basis. A school with a site license may use the app on any computer or device under the school’s control. In addition, the access URL (for Vernier Video Analysis) or code (for Graphical Analysis Pro) may be shared with faculty, staff, and students so that the app can be used on their personal devices.

We offer a free trial period of 30 days for both applications. Licenses run through June the year following the purchase. For example, a license purchased in January 2022 is active through June 2023. A license purchased in October 2022 is also active through June 2023.

Continuous use of Vernier Video Analysis or Graphical Analysis Pro over multiple years thus requires a new purchase every year. Multi-year licenses are available for districts.

A device must have internet access to activate these apps, but it does not have to be continuously online to use the app. As long as the app has been used while online in the previous two weeks, it can be used offline.

The About dialog of the app shows the name of the school holding the license and the license expiration date. Schools and users may not distribute the access URL or code outside of the school system.

License pricing includes a lower price for smaller schools. We ask for a good-faith estimate for the number of unique student users over the course of a year. If 100 or fewer unique students will use the application, a school may pay the small-school price. For example, if in the fall 30 students use the app, and in the spring a different 50 students use the app, the number of unique students is 80. Even if the 30 students used the app all year, it makes no difference. The school qualifies for the small-school price. If 75 students used the app in the fall, and a different group of 80 students used it in the spring, a large-school license would be required.

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