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The Vernier Tech Info Library contains support documentation for our products, including troubleshooting tips, detailed product specifications, and answers to frequently asked questions from our customers.

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  1. What is the difference between "A weighting" and "C weighting"?

  2. How does LabQuest 2 compare to the original LabQuest?

  3. When using Mac OS X, why is the Logger Pro or Logger Lite window is missing, but the menu bar is visible.

  4. How do I connect my ULI or Serial Box Interface to a Macintosh that does not have a serial port?

  5. Arduino and SparkFun RedBoard Troubleshooting and FAQs

  6. How do I attach a Smart Pulley to the end of a Vernier Track?

  7. How do I clamp an Ultra Pulley to a table?

  8. How do I connect my ULI to a Windows computer that does not have a serial port?

  9. Why does a blank space print in the middle of my graph when printing from LoggerPro for Macintosh?

  10. Why does Graphical Analysis 4 stop collecting data when the computer or Chromebook screen goes dark?

  11. Logger Pro shows only a white space where the graph should be.

  12. Can I run Logger Pro in a different Language?

  13. What languages are supported in the LabQuest application?

  14. How can I change the graph so that it shows more or fewer grid lines?

  15. Why does my data table have holes (empty cells) in it?

  16. Calculated columns in Logger Pro do not all transfer to LabQuest.

  17. Can I attach a Pasco Super Pulley to the end of a Vernier track?

  18. How do I connect my Serial Box Interface to a Windows computer that does not have a serial port?

  19. Is it OK to use Go Wireless or Go Direct sensors in a vacuum?

  20. What is the meaning of "outside edge" and "inner groove" on the Ultra Pulley?

  21. Will Pasco dynamics carts work on the Vernier tracks or vice versa?

  22. Where do I find electronic components for use with the Digital Control Unit (DCU)?

  23. Where can I get simulation software?

  24. What are the system requirements for Logger Pro and Logger Lite?

  25. What are the system requirements for LabQuest Viewer?

  26. How do I set up Vernier Photogates (VPG-BTD) for data collection with Logger Pro 3?

  27. How do I set up a Go Direct Photogate to collect data using LabQuest 2 App?

  28. How do I set up a Go Direct Photogate to collect data using Graphical Analysis 4?

  29. What is the battery life for LabPro? When is LabPro Powered (On, Off)?

  30. Updated information on the late-2013 to early-2014 dynamics cart friction issue

  31. Can our sensors and Vernier Interface Shield be used with 3-volt Arduinos?

  32. Why is F11 not working to stop and start data collection in Logger Pro 3?

  33. How do I set up Vernier Photogates (VPG-BTD) for data collection using Graphical Analysis 4?

  34. My brand new LabQuest 2 battery doesn't work.

  35. Logger Pro won't launch on non-English Windows 10.

  36. Does the Pasco picket fence work the same as the Vernier picket fence?

  37. Is Logger Pro available for Ubuntu 14.04?

  38. What do I need to purchase to do IB Physics?

  39. How do I calibrate a COL-DIN Colorimeter using a stand alone LabQuest 2?

  40. How to use Vernier Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE

  41. Where can I get replacement LEDs to use with the KidWind SimpleGEN?

  42. Are there options to protect my LabQuest from getting wet?

  43. How do I use a computer or Chromebook with only USB-C ports with Vernier USB products?

  44. How can I use a Vernier Photogate to measure g?

  45. How do I set up Vernier Photogates (VPG-BTD) for data collection using the LabQuest App?

  46. Should I use a photogate or a Motion Detector?

  47. Why can't I find the correct Middle School or Physical Science experiment files in Logger Pro or Logger Lite?

  48. Can I inject a gas into the Mini GC?

  49. What changes were made in the 4th edition lab books?

  50. Where can I get the electronic components used in Vernier physics experiments?

  51. The button icons in Word lab book files on Mac appear black (when printing or on the monitor)

  52. Can I autoclave the bottle that comes with my CO2 or O2 sensor?

  53. To which Arduino pins does the Vernier Interface Shield connect?

  54. How do you use Bar Tape (order code TAPE)?

  55. What are the error messages you can get when updating a LabQuest?

  56. Which digital video camera should I purchase for video analysis?

  57. Where can I find BTA and BTD connectors and sockets?

  58. What is the shelf life of a new LabQuest 2 replacement battery?

  59. What languages does Spectral Analysis support?

  60. How do you measure acceleration using Go Direct Photogates (GDX-VPG)?

  61. Should I buy the Vernier Dynamics System with the short track or a long track?

  62. How do I edit typed-in data in Graphical Analysis 4 and Spectral Analysis?

  63. What do I need to purchase to do AP Physics 1 or 2?

  64. How to calibrate the O2 Gas Sensor (O2-BTA)

  65. Go Direct Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  66. How do I attach the Swivel Mount to the Rotary Motion Sensor?

  67. Vernier Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  68. What does the UV sensor on the Go Direct Light and Color sensor measure?

  69. How can I control AC devices with the Digital Control Unit?

  70. Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  71. What software do I need to use a dissolved oxygen probe?

  72. What languages does Graphical Analysis 4 support?

  73. What equipment do I need to do the prescribed IB Biology practicals?

  74. Go Direct Photogate Troubleshooting and FAQs

  75. LabQuest Emulator Troubleshooting and FAQs

  76. Why does my UVA or UVB sensor display incorrect units in Logger Pro v3.4.5.1 and older?

  77. How do I use the ProScope with specimens on a glass slide?

  78. Student Radiation Monitor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  79. Logger Pro 3.4.6 tells me to sort data before doing a curve fit

  80. What activities are available for the Force Plate?

  81. Where can I find prepared videos for video analysis in Logger Pro?

  82. Can my O2 Gas Sensor (O2-BTA) be repaired?

  83. Why do I get no photogate data when also using an analog sensor?

  84. Vernier Photogate (VPG-BTD) Troubleshooting and FAQs

  85. O2 Gas Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  86. Why am I getting a memory error when I transfer the DataMate application to my new TI-83 Plus calculator?

  87. Why can‘t my Macintosh computer locate the LabPro when connected with a USB cable?

  88. How do I free up memory on a calculator to collect more CBL data when using the PHYSICS program?

  89. How do you create new match files for MacMotion or Motion?

  90. How is the Vernier Circuit Board 2 different from the original Vernier Circuit Board?

  91. Magnetic Field Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

  92. Spirometer Troubleshooting and FAQs

  93. What types of activities can I perform with the Charge Sensor?

  94. How do I set a system restore point in Windows?

  95. Why won't my pH Sensor calibrate?

  96. How do I set up LabQuest 2 and Graphical Analysis 4 to work together via wireless Data Sharing over Wi-Fi?

  97. How do I create an account on your website?

  98. Can not find interface on Power Mac. (PowerBook 3400, G3 and PowerMac 4400, 5200, 5400, 5500, 6360, 6400, 6500, G3, Mac Clone PowerBase 200)

  99. What do I need to purchase to do AP Physics C?

  100. When installing Logger Pro, I get error 1152.

  101. Diffraction Apparatus Troubleshooting and FAQs

  102. How is the temperature compensation calculated on my conductivity probe (CON-BTA)?

  103. I can't set up my LabQuest 2 email settings without a User and Password.

  104. I cannot log in to the Vernier website.

  105. How do I set up LabQuest 2 for Data Sharing?

  106. Does the Bumper Launcher Kit (BLK) fit the PASCO track?

  107. Why is my picket fence blue and black instead of clear and black?

  108. What is the best way to store LabQuest units over summer vacation?

  109. How do I remove or replace a LabQuest battery?

  110. Where can I order the syringe for the Mini GC?

  111. Diffraction Apparatus results for slit separation do not match expected values.

  112. Why does my Garmin GPS screen lock up when I connect it to a computer?

  113. Does Vernier charge for repairs?

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