Paid Personalized Online Training

Improve remote learning and get inspired with our personalized online training. These affordable professional development opportunities are customized to meet your students’ needs and address your unique challenges.

See What Vernier Professional Development Can Do for You

Our experienced educational technology specialists will help you get the most of your Vernier sensors to ensure that students stay engaged whether they are in the classroom or learning from home.

  • Flexible hours
    We know you’re busy—our experts will arrange trainings around your schedule, and these trainings can be split into multiple sessions for convenience.
    • Option to schedule on different days
    • Option to customize subject area for each session
  • Interactive sessions
    These are hands-on training sessions. Using your Vernier technology, we will walk you through innovative experiments that you can then assign to your students.
  • You decide what we teach
    We will tailor professional development to help you tackle your biggest challenges. We will cater to you and your students’ needs.
  • Get Inspired, be prepared
    Our personalized professional development will equip you with new innovative ideas, then provide you with the teacher’s guides and student instructions that ensure you can replicate these ideas in class.


Session Length Price
1.5 Hours $350.00
3 Hours $700.00
6 Hours $1,000.00

Pricing is based on 1 presenter/1 educator group.

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Past Virtual Workshops

Watch our Fall 2020 Virtual Workshops recordings if you missed the live session or need to review what you learned.

Online Training Videos

We have a library of experiment tutorials, product overviews, and support tip videos to help you learn how to use our products.