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Feel confident and prepared throughout the school year with a free, personalized video training with a Vernier Education Technology Specialist for your department, school, or district. Whether your team has probeware that’s been tucked away for years or you want a demonstration on the latest innovations, we’ll help you personalize the perfect video training.

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What’s Included

  • Personalized training based on your needs, subject area, and technology
  • Convenient training to fit your and your colleagues schedules
  • Classroom-ready experiments that will have a positive impact on your students

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a video training?

To schedule a video training, simply complete this form. We have a variety of subject-area experts who specialize in data collection with probeware, and in order to schedule a good match for your school, we require a minimum of two week’s notice.

How long does a video training take?

Video conferences take approximately one hour.

What can be covered in the video training

In approximately one hour, a Vernier specialist can typically train teachers to collect data with Vernier technology on 1–2 platforms (computer, iPad, Chromebook, LabQuest 2, etc.) using 2–3 Vernier sensors of your choosing. Do you need more extensive training? Just let us know, and we can discuss options.

Do I need to have the Vernier technology with me during the video training?

Yes. We find that teachers learn best if they have the sensors and software in front of them during the training.

Do you offer technology previews?

If you want to try new Vernier technology, we offer a 30-day preview (or longer, if needed) for most of our products. To set up a preview prior to your training, you can contact Vernier Technical Support at or 1-888-837-6437.

Does my personalized video training have to focus on specific lab experiments?

We personalize our training to fit your needs. Most of the time, we focus on basic use of Vernier technology integrated with the platform(s) your students are using. We can also train on specific lab experiments of your choosing and advise teachers how to meet curriculum goals such as implementing AP, IB, or NGSS.

What are the expected outcomes from my training session?

Educators will be proficient on the basics of using probeware: connecting sensors, producing real-time graphs, and analyzing sensor data. Science lessons are more effective and engaging by adding the use of real-time graphing tools. We can cover common investigations that are enhanced by the addition of probeware and explore new options made possible by the use of sensors.

How many instructors can I have present during the personalized video training?

We can accommodate up to 16 instructors. If you need training for just yourself, you can always connect instantly with Vernier Technical Support by email at or 1-888-837-6437.

How much does a personalized video training cost?

It’s free!

What are my responsibilities, and what will I need to have?

At your school, you will need the following equipment:

  • Your probeware (or the sensors you have on a preview basis)
  • An internet-connected computer that is capable of connecting to Webex (You are not required to download anything, but we recommend checking with your IT department for compatibility)
  • A projector (for groups of four or more)
  • A speakerphone (preferred) or microphone and speakers connected to your computer

You will need to schedule both the training session and a test call.

What is a test call and why do I need one?

One to two days before the video training, we need to conduct a test call to make sure your phone, network, computer, etc. will connect well with ours. This is a bit like a dress rehearsal for the equipment and will save everyone time and potential frustration on the day of the training.

For the test call, it is best if all of the following are true:

  • You are in the room you will be using for the real session.
  • You are using the same audio connection that you will use for the personalized video training (speakerphone or computer).
  • You are using the same computer that you will use for the video training, and it is connected to your network in the same way it will be for the training.
  • You have administrator access to the computer in case we need permission to install the WebEx plugin.

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