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Subject-Specific Institutes

The subject-specific institutes give you in-depth experience using probeware for a specific science or engineering topic.

This summer, learn how to integrate data-acquisition technology in your chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering courses. Each workshop from Vernier—the leading innovator of scientific interfaces, sensors, and graphing/analysis software for education—will give you the skills to teach with technology for engaging, hands-on experiments.

At the end of the training, you’ll go home with a Vernier lab book or sensor, new ideas for student labs, and expertise on state-of-the-art sensors for science education.

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Summer Institutes

These six-hour institutes are designed to meet the needs of teachers from a wide variety of grade levels and STEM disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, environmental/Earth science, and more.

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Free Workshops, Personalized Webinars, and Training Videos

Learn how to integrate Vernier’s data-collection technology through hands-on training at free workshops, schedule a personalized webinar with your department, or watch our training videos.

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