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Summer Institutes

Connect with peers to share ideas and leave with classroom-ready experiments.

School may be out for the summer, but the learning never stops at Vernier. Whether you are currently using Vernier technology in your classroom or just exploring the use of probeware, join us for a full-day training opportunity led by a former science educator with years of classroom experience. Connect with peers to share ideas and leave with classroom-ready experiments that will have a positive impact on your students all year.

The cost of the institute is $99, which includes lunch, a Workshop Training Manual download, and an electronic lab book of your choice.

Benefits of Attending

  • Participate in hands-on training led by an experienced science educator.
  • Collaborate, share ideas, and learn with your peers.
  • Explore age-appropriate, classroom-ready experiments.
  • Learn about Vernier technology solutions for biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and coding.

Attendees Receive

  • 6 hours of hands-on training
  • Lunch
  • Workshop Training Manual download
  • Your choice of one Vernier electronic lab book

Upcoming Summer Institutes

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Hands-On Training for all Science Educators

Get ready to explore these popular experiments, designed to meet the needs of teachers across a wide variety of grade levels and STEM disciplines.

After an introduction and overview, you will have the opportunity to try the experiments that interest you.


  • In “Impulse and Momentum” use a Go Direct® Sensor Cart to determine impulse and change in momentum based on measurements of force and velocity.
  • Explore Newton’s second law using a Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor.
  • Investigate magnetic fields with a Magnetic Field Sensor.


  • Use a Colorimeter to determine the concentration of a nickel sulfate solution in the “Beer’s Law” experiment.
  • Investigate the conductivity and concentration of solutions with a Conductivity Probe in the “Conductivity of Solutions” experiment.
  • Conduct acid-base titrations with a pH Sensor and Drop Counter.


  • Measure concentrations of carbon dioxide during cell respiration with a CO2 Gas Sensor.
  • In the “Monitoring EKG” experiment, you’ll strap on an EKG Sensor and graph your own heart’s electrical activity!
  • Explore “Enzyme Action” with a Gas Pressure Sensor.

Environmental/Earth Science

  • Explore exciting classroom applications for the built-in GPS sensor that is included with LabQuest 2.
  • In “Exploring Magnetism,” you’ll measure and manipulate the strength of magnetic fields using a Magnetic Field Sensor.

K–8 Science Education

  • Use a Heart Rate Monitor to measure your heart rate before and after exercise in the “Heart Rate and Exercise” experiment.
  • In “Learning to Use a Motion Detector,” you’ll use a Motion Detector to measure the position of objects as they move.

Additional Activities, Even More Sensors

  • Goniometer
  • Vernier Optical DO Probe
  • Radiation Monitors
  • Vernier Projectile Launcher
  • And more!

Lab Book Choices

You will receive an email with download instructions for your selected lab book you once your registration has been processed.

LabQuest 2 Workshop Package

Special Savings Along with Expert Training

Our workshop packages make it affordable to add a Vernier technology purchase to your workshop. You can add a workshop package when you register for a specific workshop.

Summer Institute
  • Six hours of training
  • Light lunch
  • Workshop Training Manual download
  • Your choice of one download copy of a Vernier lab book
Summer Institute
with LabQuest 2 Workshop Package

Summer Institute

  • LabQuest 2
  • Logger Lite software (free download)
  • Temperature Probe
$427* Save $30
Summer Institute
with Go Direct Workshop Package

Summer Institute

  • Go Direct® Temperature Probe
  • Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor
  • Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor
  • Graphical Analysis 4 (free app)
$336* Save $20
Summer Institute
with LabQuest Mini Workshop Package

Summer Institute

  • LabQuest Mini
  • Logger Lite software (free download)
  • Temperature Probe
$262* Save $15

* Price does not include shipping and applicable taxes.

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