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Vernier Go Wireless® Heart Rate with iPad® - Tech Tips

Colleen McDaniel demonstrates the use of the Go Wireless® Heart Rate and Vernier's Graphical Analysis app to monitor heart rate before, during, and after exercise.

Today, I'm going to talk about the Vernier Go Wireless Heart Rate. When you order the Go Wireless Heart Rate, you'll get a pair of hand grips along with a Polar Bluetooth module. What's nice is that this Polar Bluetooth module can be disconnected and connected to an optional accessory of an extra size chest strap. It just snaps right on and then the students can put this around their chest and monitor the heart rate, as say they're running around the track. It's easily disconnectable as well and what's nice about these Bluetooth modules is each one has a unique identifier number on the module itself, to help you identify which module is connected to the hand grips you're using.

So, in order to collect data, first I want to make sure my module is connected to the hand grips. Then I want to take my Go Wireless Heart Rate and hold it in my hands in order to turn it on. I want to make sure that the metal part is towards the palm of my hands and make sure that I'm holding on to it because this is how the sensor actually turns on. So, now that I am holding on to the sensor, I'm now going to connect it to Graphical Analysis.

First, I select "Create an experiment", then I'm going to select my source which is going to be my "Wireless sensors" and I am going to connect to the module number that is connected to my hand grips. So, once it's connected, you can see I actually get a live readout over here that showing on my graph, and that's nice because it shows me that I am actually connected to the Go Wireless Heart Rate.

So now, we're ready to collect data. So, I'm going to press on "Collect" and I'm going to collect data for about 15 to 30 seconds at a resting rate in order to get a baseline to compare to any sort of cardiovascular activity I do. So now, it's been about 15 seconds. So, I'm going to go ahead and start running in place to elevate my heart rate.

So now, that I've been doing this for about 60 seconds, I'm going to stop and I'm going to monitor my heart rate and watch it go back down to my resting heart rate that I started at. Now that my resting heart rate has stabilized, I'm going to go ahead and press "Stop", and now I have my data for my first run. What's nice is that once I let go of the grips, they will actually turn off and disconnect, saving some of the battery life on our Go Wireless Heart Rate. The other nice thing is I can go to the experiments now and my experiment has automatically been saved in Graphical Analysis so you don't have to worry about losing any of your data.

For any questions you have about this sensor or any of our others, please visit our website.

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