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Collecting Data in Logger Pro

An overview about collecting sensor data in Logger Pro.

The primary function of Logger Pro is to collect and analyze sensor data. In this video I'll describe what happens when you start collecting data in Logger Pro.

Right now I have a force sensor connected to a Labquest Mini. Logger Pro gives me a live readout of the sensor and the collect button is green, meaning I can start data collection. If the collect button is grayed out you won't be able to collect any data. Usually that happens if Logger Pro doesn't detect any sensor or an interface. Check your connections. It's likely that one isn't completely plugged in. When I start data collection you'll notice that this collect button changes to Stop. Data collection will continue until either I stop it with the stop button or the specified data collection duration is reached.

So what is the specified data collection duration? Logger Pro gathers those data collection parameters from one of two places. First, data collection parameters are stored with an experiment file. So if you open an experiment file that was previously prepared, it will use the data collection parameters associated with that file. If you didn't open a file but just plugged in a sensor, Logger Pro makes a best guess at how you want to use that sensor and selects some default data collection parameters for that sensor.

In another video I'll so you how to adjust those data collection parameters. When I started data collection, data started to fill the table and was plotted on the graph. The experience of seeing data collected while some scientific phenomenon occurs is one of the most powerful experiences for students, a real connection between an abstract scientific principle and a real world event.

If for whatever reason you want to quickly discard data that you just collected, the fastest way is to select Undo Collect from the Edit menu. So there you have it. Data collection is simple and easy in Logger Pro.

Look for other videos for tips and tricks in getting the most out of your Vernier sensors and software.

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