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Experiment Files in Logger Pro

An experiment file makes it easier for educators and students to setup and run an experiment.

Experiment files can make performing an experiment with Logger Pro easier for both you and your students by simplifying setting up and running the experiment. An experiment file is a collection of graphs and data tables, as well as data collection and analysis settings.

As an example, let's look at an experiment file. We've prepared experiment files for each of the labs in our books. Such as Middle School Science with Vernier or Biology with Vernier. You can find these experiment files in the experiment folder, which is the default location when you open a file in Logger Pro. If you're doing one of our labs, you can save some time by just opening the corresponding experiment file. Logger Pro will set up the window with the appropriate graphs and data tables. Likewise, the data collection parameters will already be set for that particular lab.

This lab, Frictional Forces, comes from our middle school science book. In it, students drag a wooden block across a table and use a dual range force sensor to measure the force of friction. This experiment file is already set up to run that lab. It's set to run for three seconds, the duration of each trial.

The graph scale is already set up for the magnitude of force you'd expect. The one thing you'll notice is that the background has been set to the same color as the lab book cover. This is true for all of these prepared experiment files. It's an easy way for you to verify that your students opened the correct file. Notice that these experiment files do not contain any data yet. They are really just a template for the lab. Students collect and analyze data, then save their experiment file to a new name. Later they can open their file and retrieve that data or print off graphs.

You can create your own experiment files, too. Just set up a lab and adjust the data collection parameters, the data tables and graphs as you'd like. Run through the lab yourself until you're satisfied. Then clear out the data using the Clear All Data feature in the data menu. Save it to an easily accessible location such as network drive. In class, point your students to your experiment file. They'll be able to do the lab just as you did. Experiment files are a convenient tool to keep in mind as you plan lab activities for your students. Look for other Logger Pro videos like this one to help you get the most out of your Vernier sensors.

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