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Workshops At Your School

Get trained by a specialist on how to incorporate Vernier data-collection technology into your classroom.

How do I schedule a workshop?
To schedule a workshop, simply complete the online application. We must receive your request at least six weeks prior to the scheduled date of the workshop.
How much does an on-site workshop cost?
The fee is $1,800, which includes travel expenses (within the continental US).
How do I pay for my on-site workshop?
Vernier will bill you after your workshop takes place. Please provide all billing information, including purchase order number, prior to the workshop.
When can my workshop take place?
We will need at least six weeks notice to schedule the workshop. Please provide at least two possible dates. We will do our best to accommodate one of your choices.
How long do workshops run?
The typical on-site workshop lasts six hours.
What are the qualifications of the workshop presenters?
Vernier workshop presenters are carefully selected and trained in the use of Vernier equipment. They are either technical support people from our Beaverton office, or expert users who are, or have been, classroom teachers.
What are my responsibilities?
Your presenter will contact you prior to your workshop to discuss your needs. The presenter will then select the experiments from our lab manuals that will best demonstrate the use of Vernier equipment for the individuals present at the workshop. You will be asked to provide the Vernier equipment needed to conduct the workshop. In some cases, you may request that your presenter bring equipment with him/her that you do not own.
I have more questions.
Contact us at or call 1-888-837-6437.
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