A popular kinetics experiment in chemistry involves conducting a reaction between solutions of the indicator crystal violet and sodium hydroxide. Vernier offers two versions of this experiment: Experiment 30 in Chemistry with Vernier and Experiment 35 in Advanced Chemistry with Vernier.

Patrick Cunningham (Johnson High School, San Antonio, TX), modified this experiment for his pre-AP and AP Chemistry classes. Pat shared his modified experiment with us and has kindly offered to share it with you.

Briefly, the Vernier version of this experiment guides the student to determine the rate law of the reaction with respect to crystal violet. Pat’s version takes the additional step of determining the full rate law with respect to crystal violet and sodium hydroxide. Pat also suggests another path for the data analysis. If you’re looking for a new take on a tried-and-true chemistry experiment, give this one a try.

Download Pat’s The Rate Order of Crystal Violet Decoloring in Hydroxide