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My USB drive is not recognized by LabQuest. What can I do?

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  • Created Mar 7, 2008
  • Updated Apr 4, 2011
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There are a few possible causes for a USB drive to not be recognized by LabQuest:

1. If the USB flash drive doesn't appear to work, cancel the Save or Open, and try again. You need to allow about 5 seconds for the drive to initialize after it is connected to LabQuest.
2. "Short" flash (thumb) drives do not work. The USB “A” connector (the silver part) must be at least 12 mm in length from the base to the tip. There are some USB drives that are shorter and have problems connecting to many computers and other devices. Additionally, some USB drives are too wide and are obstructed from complete insertion by the casing of the LabQuest unit.
3. The drive may be in a format that LabQuest can not read. LabQuest support the following formats: FAT and FAT32. To check and repair the formatting of the drive, follow these steps:

a. Right click on the drive icon and choose Properties.
b. Click the tools tab and select "check now"
c. Check both boxes, "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors"
d. Click Start.

Mac OS X:
a. Go to the folder: Applications\Utilities and launch Disk Utility.
b. Select the USB drive in the left column (with a white icon).
c. Choose the Erase tab and ensure that the format is "MS-DOS (FAT)".
d. If the format is not "MS-DOS (FAT)," you will need to choose the Erase option. This will reformat the drive in the MS-DOS (FAT) format, erasing any existing data on the drive.
e. If the format is already MS-DOS (FAT), go to the First Aid tab and select Repair Disk.

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