Teach hands-on science, math, and engineering with Vernier sensors in your classroom or in the field with a Vernier interface. We offer interfaces for different platform, budget, and data-collection needs.

Standalone, Computer, and Tablet Data Collection

Vernier LabQuest 2

Recommended for most classrooms. Use with or without computers at each lab station, and ideal for field work.

  • Standalone and computer interface
  • Built-in graphing and analysis software
  • Vivid color touch screen
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with all Vernier sensors

Computer Data Collection

Recommended for classrooms with computers at each lab station.

LabQuest 2 LabQuest Mini Go!Link
LabQuest 2 LabQuest Mini Go!Link
Supported Platforms Computers and standalone Computers Computers
Maximum Sampling Rate 100,000 per second 100,000 per second 200 per second
Compatible Vernier Sensors Over 70 Over 60 50
Built-in Color Screen Yes No No
Wireless Connectivity Yes No No
Power Source Rechargeable Battery or AC power USB USB
Built-in Sensors GPS, Accelerometer, Temperature, Light, Microphone None None
Supports Multiple Sensors Yes (5 channels) Yes (5 channels) No (1 channel)
Field Work Yes With a notebook computer With a notebook computer
Data-collection Software
Price $329 $149 $61
LabQuest 2 LabQuest Mini Go!Link

Mobile and Tablet Data Collection

Recommended for Chromebook, iPad®, iPhone®, and Android devices.

LabQuest 2 Go!Link Go Wireless Link
LabQuest 2 Go!Link Go Wireless Link
Supported platforms iOS, Android, Chromebook Chromebook iOS and Android
Connection for mobile devices Wi-Fi USB Bluetooth® Smart
Compatible Vernier sensors Over 85 Over 35 Over 40
Stream sensor data to multiple devices simultaneously Yes No No
Supports multiple sensors Yes No No
Supports digital sensors Yes No No
Maximum sampling rate 100,000 samples per second TBD TBD
Data-collection and analysis software Graphical Analysis for Chrome Graphical Analysis app
Power source Rechargeable battery or AC power USB Rechargeable battery
Price $329 $61 $99
LabQuest 2 Go!Link Go Wireless Link

Engineering Data Acquisition

Recommended for engineering education, sensor-control projects, and robotics. See a complete list of LabVIEW-supported products »

SensorDAQ NXT Sensor Adapter myDAQ Adapter
SensorDAQ NXT Sensor Adapter Vernier myDAQ Adapter
Recommended For LabVIEW programming, data acquisition, introduction to engineering, sensor control projects Expanding NXT and EV3 robotics engineering with the use of Vernier sensors Expanding NI myDAQ to use Vernier sensors
Supported Platforms Windows Computers LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and EV3 NI myDAQ interface
Channels 3 analog, 1 digital, screw terminals: 2 analog in, 1 analog out, 4 digital I/O, 1 counter/timer 1 analog 2 analog and 1 digital
Compatible Vernier Sensors 60 30 60
Curriculum None
Price $189 $39 $59
SensorDAQ NXT Sensor Adapter NI myDAQ Adapter

Texas Instruments Handheld Data Collection

Recommended for classrooms using Texas Instruments handhelds for data collection.

TI-Nspire Lab Cradle CBL 2 EasyLink
TI-Nspire Lab Cradle CBL 2 EasyLink
Calculator Compatibility All models of TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS (Clickpad, Touchpad, and CX) All TI graphing calculators except the TI-82, TI-85, and TI-Nspire All models of TI-84 (Plus, Silver Edition, C, and CE)
Channels 3 Analog, 2 Digital 3 analog and 1 digital/sonic 1 analog
Number of compatible sensors 68 66 55
Use with Motion Detectors, Photogates Yes Yes No (For motion, CBR 2 can be purchased separately)
Use with Microphones Yes Yes No
Maximum Sample Rate 100,000 samples per second 50,000 200
Included sensors None Voltage, Light, Temperature None
Compatible with Logger Pro software on a computer No No Yes
Price $145 $166 $59
TI-Nspire Lab Cradle CBL 2 EasyLink

Getting Started with Data-Collection Technology?

A sensor interface is one component needed for data collection. See what else you need to integrate data-collection technology into your classroom.

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