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High School

Today’s labs create tomorrow’s leaders. Encourage students and build their confidence in pursuing a STEM career path with hands-on experience using data-collection technology.

Resources for Your Classroom

With our extensive resources, we make it easy to incorporate technology into your classroom to educate, inspire, and get your students ready for their next steps.

Spend more time teaching and less time troubleshooting. With experiments created by Vernier experts, you can easily incorporate technology into your classroom.

There’s no limit to what you can do with Vernier technology. Explore the innovative uses that will appeal to your students’ interests.

Stay up to date with trends, tips, and professional development opportunities.

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Take hands-on science learning to the next level with Vernier Graphical Analysis™ Pro and Vernier Video Analysis®. These award-winning apps help boost student engagement and understanding of complex science concepts. They also bring data collection, visualization, and analysis to all your students—regardless of location. To further elevate hands-on science education from anywhere, check out our remote learning solutions for K–8, high school, and college.

Educational Standards

Helping students meet standards is an important aspect of teaching. Vernier technology helps teachers as they prepare students to meet the NGSS and state standards through investigations that support three-dimensional learning.

Watch how students are using Vernier in the classroom!

Video from Patrick Kaplo, High School Physics Teacher
New Hampshire - 9/7/19

This high school science class uses Logger Pro 3 and Vernier Go!Motion to compete in the "Walk the Walk" challenge where students attempt to match a position versus time graph displayed on their computer screen.

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