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Video Physics for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Vernier Video Physics for iOS brings physics video analysis to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Capture, Analyze, and Share.

Capture video of an object in motion, mark its position frame by frame, and set the scale using a known distance. Video Physics draws trajectory, position, and velocity graphs for the object. Share video, graphs, and data. Open in Vernier’s Graphical Analysis app or email for use with a computer running Vernier’s Logger Pro software.

Video Physics is perfect for physics students and instructors. Perform on-the-go analysis of interesting motion. Measure the velocity of a child’s swing, a roller-coaster, or a car. Or, take a video of a basketball free throw shot. Video Physics will display the path of the ball and provide graphs of y vs. x as well as the x and y position and velocity as a function of time.


  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Educational Pricing

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  • Capture a new video using the built-in camera, choose a video from your Photo Library, or use one of our sample videos
  • Mark the position of one object, frame by frame
  • Set the scale of the video using an object of known size
  • Optionally set coordinate system location and rotation
  • View graphs of trajectory, and x/y position and velocity
  • Export video with points
  • Email the video and data for further analysis in Vernier’s Logger Pro software for OS X and Windows
  • Open data files directly in Vernier’s Graphical Analysis app
Video Physics outside on an iPad

Quotes from physics teachers

Just played with new Vernier video physics app on iPhone – it ROCKS! I remember the day when this would’ve cost thousands of dollars to do.

Mark Hines @mhines, teacher

You should check out Vernier’s Video Physics app. Students can email video analysis data to Logger Pro; very cool!!

@willkomme, physics teacher

Vernier’s Video Physics app is slick.

Ryan Bretag @ryanbretag, teacher and administrator


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Hints for taking useful videos:

  • Do not move the camera. Analysis assumes the camera is fixed in position.
  • The object in motion should remain approximately in a plane perpendicular to the viewing direction.
  • Place an object with known dimensions, such as a ruler, in the same plane as the motion. You will use this to scale the video.

Video Physics is intended for use in physics education. The video analysis done in Video Physics is a useful technique for studying two-dimensional kinematics. You can do even more with Vernier’s Graphical Analysis app or Logger Pro software for Mac OS X and Windows.


Educational Pricing: Learn about the Apple Volume Purchase Program »

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