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Display and control LabQuest on a computer to teach students how to use LabQuest, to demonstrate experiments, or to share class data.


LabQuest Viewer software allows you to view and control the LabQuest wirelessly from your Windows or Macintosh computer. When LabQuest 2 is connected to a computer wirelessly or via USB, LabQuest Viewer can be used in conjunction with a projector to share the LabQuest 2 screen with the entire class.

This allows an instructor to demonstrate LabQuest 2 for a class, and also allows students to share or present their work to fellow classmates. LabQuest Viewer can also be used with an original LabQuest connected wirelessly to a computer via a Wi-Fi adapter.

  • View and control one or more LabQuests from a computer
  • Connect to a computer and projector or interactive white board for class demos or sharing
  • Monitor student progress on any LabQuest connected to your network
  • Create screenshots of the LabQuest screen to copy and paste into lab instructions
  • Set customizable permissions that permit viewing without control, or password-protect a connection
  • Install LabQuest Viewer on any computer in your school or college department with the included site license


System Requirements


Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1


OS X 10.8, 10.9, and provisional support for 10.10*
* Tested on a pre-released version of Mac OS X 10.10; full support in a future release of LabQuest Viewer.

LabQuest Compatibility

Download Version Available

LabQuest Viewer is available as a download. Purchase the download version and we will send you a link after we have processed your order (approximately 1-2 business days).

Ordering Information

LabQuest Viewer software includes a site license for every instructor’s computer in a school or college department.

All prices are for U.S. educators.

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    LabQuest ViewerLQ-VIEW$79
    LabQuest Viewer (Download)LQ-VIEW-E$79

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    Order Code LQ-VIEW
    U.S. Educator Price $79


    A LabQuest screen as shown in the LabQuest Viewer software
    A LabQuest screen as shown in the LabQuest Viewer software
    Select any LabQuest on the network to view with the LabQuest Viewer software
    Select any LabQuest on the network to view with the LabQuest Viewer software
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