Grants and Awards

Grant Writing Guide

This guide will help you write a successful grant proposal.

Grant Writing Infographic

Grant Writing Infographic

10 Tips for Writing Your Best Grant Proposal

What the Research Says About the Value of Probeware for Science Instruction

This white paper discusses use of data-collection technology to improve test scores, deepen understanding of science concepts, meet national and state educational standards, and support a framework for K-12 education.

Vernier/NSTA Technology Awards

The Vernier/NSTA Technology Awards promote the innovative use of data-collection technology using a computer, tablet, or other handheld in the science classroom. We encourage you to apply for one of seven $5,500 awards.

Award Prize

Each award will consist of $1,000 in cash for the teacher, $3,000 in Vernier products, and up to $1,500 toward expenses to a NSTA Convention.

Note: Applications are due December 20, 2020. 

Vernier/NABT Ecology/Environmental Science Teaching Award

Sponsored by Vernier Software & Technology, the Ecology/Environmental Teaching Award will be given to a secondary school teacher who has successfully developed and demonstrated an innovative approach in the teaching of ecology/environmental science and has carried his/her commitment to the environment into the community.

Award Prize

Each award will consist of a one-year complimentary NABT membership, award plaque, $1,000 in Vernier technology, and $500 toward expenses to attend the NABT Professional Development Conference.

Professor Chan Two-Year College Award

The Professor Chan Two-Year College Award for the Engaged Teaching of Biology will be given to a two-year college faculty member who has successfully developed and demonstrated an innovative, hands-on approach in the teaching of biology and has carried their commitment to the community.

Award Prize

This award is sponsored by Sarah McBride and John Melville, and includes $500 toward travel to the NABT Professional Development Conference; $1,500 of Vernier equipment; a recognition plaque to be presented at the NABT Professional Development Conference; and one year of complimentary membership to NABT.


Applicants must be two-year college faculty member.


Judging is conducted by NABT.


April 1, each year

Engineering, Coding & Robotics -

Vernier Engineering Contest

Vernier Software & Technology is committed to helping educators develop the next generation of engineers and scientists. To show our support, we are announcing the Vernier Engineering Award. This $5,500 award will be presented to one educator (a middle school, high school, or college instructor) who is innovatively using Vernier sensors to introduce engineering concepts or engineering practices to their students.

If you have developed engaging projects that incorporate activities such as reading Vernier sensors with Scratch to introduce coding, using sensors in the engineering design process, controlling digital outputs based on Vernier sensor inputs, or integrating your Vernier sensors with a robotics platform such as LEGO® or Arduino™, we invite you to submit an application.