The Vernier Support Team

Who We Are

Learn about the scientists and educators on our support team.

Matthew Denton

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer and Technical Support Specialist

Josh Ence

Engineering Educational Technology Specialist

John Gastineau, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

Robyn Gastineau

Managing Director of Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science

Chemistry Staff Scientist

Melissa Hill, Ph.D.

Chemistry Staff Scientist

Nüsret Hisim

Chemistry Educational Technology Specialist

Jake Hopkins

Director of Technical Support

Colleen McDaniel

Biology & Environmental Science Educational Technology Specialist

John Melville, Ph.D.

Director of Biology

Gary Myers

Director of District Outreach

Elaine Nam, Ph.D.

Director of Chemistry

Fran Poodry

Director of Physics

Katie Pursinger

Technical Support Coordinator

Jack Randall

Director of College Outreach

Tom Smith

Engineering Educational Technology Specialist

Sam Swartley

Director of Engineering Education

Sara Tallarovic, Ph.D.

Biology Staff Scientist

Dave Vernier

Co-President and Co-Founder

Verle Walters

Educational Technology Product Owner and Partnership Manager