Educator Resources

Whether you’re experienced with or new to data-collection technology, we have a robust collection of resources to help you quickly incorporate your new devices into the classroom or laboratory—so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time teaching.

From professional development to teaching tools,
we’ve got you covered.

Our team works hard to empower educators as they explore scientific subjects with their students. In addition to our high-quality technology, we also provide resources that make implementing technology into your classroom and laboratory as seamless as possible.

Professional development and training options for educators at every level

We offer two main avenues for training: in-person events, and online training opportunities. 

In Person Training

Join us for hands-on training opportunities led by former science educators with years of teaching experience.

Online Training

Feel confident and prepared throughout the school year with videos and virtual workshops.

Learn about opportunities for grants and awards

At Vernier, we are committed to improving education—that’s why we provide numerous opportunities for grants and awards. Use our grant resources to learn how to secure additional technology funding for your school. We offer a variety of awards that are available throughout the year to reward outstanding educators with top-notch technology and professional distinction.