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For nearly 40 years, we have empowered educators like you with world-class data-collection technology and innovative experiments. Your passion and dedication, along with the implementation of high-quality sensors, experiments, and resources in your classroom or laboratory, enable your students to explore science in new ways. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to encourage scientific curiosity in all students. See what partnering with us can do.

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Our durable sensors and high-quality classroom and laboratory solutions are supported by active, hands-on experiments and award-winning technical support.

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Video from David Carter

Instructor at Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas

David Carter, an instructor at Kansas State University, Engineering Extension, uses wind energy to introduce middle school, high school, and college students to engineering and design concepts. This includes a statewide challenge, a STEM summer institute, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 101, and an “Energy Library” for Kansas K–12 schools.

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Dave Vernier holding a Vernier caliper

40 Years in the Making: An Oral History of Vernier Software & Technology

This year marks 40 years of business for Vernier Software & Technology—a true milestone, to say the least. The company now serves a countless number of educators and students around the world, has more than 100 employees, and partners with leading organizations in education and science. But Dave and Christine Vernier never imagined the company would become what it is today when it all started back in the summer of 1981.

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Vernier home office circa 1980s

Vernier: An Evolution

Educators are always looking for ways to incorporate new technology into their teaching. It’s precisely for this reason that in the late seventies our co-founder Dave Vernier started tinkering with programming using the new Apple II computer, which was released in 1977 and gave way to the widespread use of computers in homes, schools, and offices.

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John Wheeler headshot

A Guide to Choosing the Right Edtech Partner

Based on the sheer amount of marketing emails and sales calls received on a weekly—or even daily—basis, district leaders can surely attest to the seemingly countless number of technologies on the market today. But just how big is the edtech industry?

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