mBot is an easy-to-program, versatile robot, capable of many different tasks. In this activity, students first play with mBot using the remote control that is included with mBot. Students then use the Makeblock app to remotely control mBot and get a sense of the advantages and limitations of the app. When students transition to the mBlock Blockly app in the next activity, the advantages of coding with mBot become apparent.

If you are new to mBot and coding, we recommend reading Getting Started with mBot. This getting-started guide contains tips for working with mBot as well as an overview of the iOS and Android apps used in this module. You can find Getting Started with mBot in the Electronic Resources.


  • Become familiar with the Makeblock app for iOS or Android.
  • Gain experience driving mBot using pre-programmed actions (no coding required).
  • Make a map and successfully create a path for mBot.