Replacement Light Sensor Holder for Optics Expansion Kit User Manual

Order Code: LSHB-OEK

The Light Sensor Holder is a replacement part for the Optics Expansion Kit (order code OEK). It is designed to accommodate either Go Direct® Light and Color (order code GDX-LC) or the Vernier Light Sensor (order code LS-BTA) when used with the Combination 1.2 m Track/Optics Bench (order code TRACK). The Light Sensor Holder is used to position a light sensor for inverse-square law experiments or for color mixing investigations in combination with Go Direct Light and Color and the Color Mixer Kit (order code CM-OEK). Attach the sensor as described in the Assembly Instructions section.

The cradle is designed to hold any Go Direct box-style sensor. In addition to mounting on the Light Sensor Holder, it has a threaded nut to attach the accessory rod (order code ACC-ROD) and connect to a ring stand. It can also be set on top of a cart.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Snap the base of the Light Sensor Holder into the side channels of the track.

Go Direct Light and Color mounted on the holder

  1. Use the four pegs and three holes at the top of the Light Sensor Holder base to connect either the Go Direct Sensor cradle, or the Vernier Light Sensor.
    • If using Go Direct Light and Color, attach the sensor using the pair of posts labeled “A” or “B”. The posts “A” align the light sensor with the center of the base. The “B” posts align the RGB color sensor with the center of the base.
    • If using the Vernier Light Sensor, use the three holes labeled “C” to attach the sensor holder to the base.

Posts and holes for connecting the light sensor holder

Securing Go Direct Light and Color

Snap Go Direct Light and Color into the cradle. Note: Use the pair of posts noted in the Assembly Instructions to align the sensor with the center of the track.

Using posts to align with the center of the track

Securing Vernier Light Sensor

  1. Use two thumb screws to secure the Light Sensor Holder to the base.

Securing the Light Sensor Holder

  1. Slide the Vernier Light Sensor into the tube.
  2. Tighten the second set of thumb screws to secure it.

Vernier Light Sensor and the light source for the Optics Expansions Kit

Sample Experiments

  • Use a light sensor and the light source from the Optics Expansion Kit to confirm the inverse square relationship between distance and light intensity.
  • Use Go Direct Light and Color to quantify the contributions of the red, green, and blue light sources from the Color Mixer Kit.


The Go Direct Sensor Cradle connects to the base in one of two configurations: to the right side to align the visible light sensor and to the left to align the RGB color sensor. For additional information, see


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