Centripetal Force Apparatus Motor Accessory Kit

Centripetal Force Apparatus Motor Accessory Kit

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Centripetal Force Apparatus Motor Accessory Kit


This kit controls the rotational rate of the Go Direct® Centripetal Force Apparatus so students can focus on a single variable and deepen their understanding of cause and effect. The Motor Accessory Kit drives the experiment setup at a constant angular velocity while students evaluate the centripetal acceleration and/or force required to maintain an object rotating at a specified radius. The rotational rate is adjustable.



The speed can be controlled to a maximum of about 9.6 radians per second (~90 revolutions per minute or ~550 degrees per second).

What's Included

  • Motor
  • Bracket and attachment to base
  • Power supply with variable speed control
  • O-ring


User Manual

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5-year limited warranty

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