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Microsoft Hacking STEM and Go Direct® Sensors

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Vernier Go Direct® sensors now integrate with Microsoft Excel Data Streamer to bring real-time data into Excel. This is supported using the latest version of Vernier Graphical Analysis 4 app. The integration supports all Go Direct Sensors.

Two new Microsoft Hacking STEM labs, based on this integration, help students understand real-world phenomena using real-time data.

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Available Labs

Software Requirements

  • Data Streamer icon

    Data Streamer

    Modernize your existing copy of Microsoft Excel to support real-time data streaming in customized workbooks. Read More »

  • Excel 365 icon

    Excel O365 Desktop

    Students and teachers are eligible for free Office 365 Education, which includes online Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Read More »

  • Windows 10 icon

    Windows 10

    This project requires a PC running Windows 10. Make the move to a modern Windows 10 device. Read More »

  • Graphical Analysis 4 icon

    Vernier Graphical Analysis 4

    Graphical Analysis 4 is a tool for science students to collect, graph, and analyze data from Vernier sensors. This version of Graphical Analysis 4 is a beta version and is required to support the streaming of sensor data into Microsoft Excel. Read More »

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