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Microsoft Hacking STEM and Go Direct® Sensors


Vernier Go Direct® sensors now integrate with Microsoft Excel through the Data Streamer add-in to bring real-time data into Excel. This is supported using the Vernier Data Streamer® app. The integration supports all Go Direct Sensors. Two new Microsoft Hacking STEM labs, based on this integration, help students understand real-world phenomena using real-time data.

Understanding adiabatic compression and the Ideal gas law

Students identify capsule heat shield design criteria using this adiabatic compression lab that measures how temperature and pressure work together in a thermodynamic system.


Detecting alpha, beta,
and gamma radiation

Engage students in monitoring radiation in their environment and run trials with real-time data to find materials that block it.


Go Direct® Radiation Monitor

Software Requirements

Modernize your existing copy of Microsoft Excel to support real-time data streaming in customized workbooks.

Students and teachers are eligible for free Office 365 Education, which includes online Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

This project requires a PC running Windows 10. Make the move to a modern Windows 10 device.

Vernier Data Streamer® is a service that provides data from Vernier sensors to Microsoft Excel through the Data Streamer add-in. It allows users to bring real-time sensor data directly into Excel.