Use our award-winning Logger Pro software to create sample movies for teaching chemistry. This is an excellent opportunity to use video analysis to sync a video of the experiment with real-time graphing of the data. For example, video analysis can be a valuable instructional tool for teaching students how to identify the melting temperature of organic solids using the new Vernier Melt Station.

Students can watch a video of the solid melting in the capillary tube while the graph displays the temperature in real time. Analyze the temperature change in greater detail by using Logger Pro‘s Examine function which can be found under the Analyze menu. Students can identify the melting temperature range by moving the cursor along the graph while watching the video that is synced with the data. Download Melting Solid Logger Pro experiment and movie »


Logger Pro already contains several chemistry sample movies. Check out the M&M® Combustion demo and watch a peanut M&M burn in molten potassium chlorate while the graph displays the temperature as it is being measured by a Vernier Thermocouple. The data show two changes as the sugar burns initially followed by combustion of the peanut. The M&M Combustion sample movie is an impressive demonstration illustrating the difference between the heat of combustion of a carbohydrate and a fat. Other chemistry movies in Logger Proinclude Heat of Crystallization, Rate of Reaction, and Titration Curves. They can be found under Sample Movies in the Experiments folder in Logger Pro.


Be creative and set up experiments to create your own video for analysis. Information about video analysis features in Logger Pro, including how to capture and analyze digital videos can be found here.