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Chemistry Experiments and NGSS

Are you looking for a chemistry experiment to support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? A common investigation in chemistry classrooms is studying reaction rates. Experiment 12, “The Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide,” from Advanced Chemistry with Vernier and Experiment 22, “Reaction Rates,” from Investigating Chemistry through Inquiry are two examples where students investigate the decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide. Experiment 22, “Reaction Rates,” is the inquiry version where the method involves students designing and carrying out an investigation.

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Vernier Ranked #18 of Oregon’s Top Workplaces

The Oregonian Top Workplaces 2014 - Small Companies Category

Vernier is pleased to have been named one of Oregon’s Top Workplaces for the third year in a row. The Oregonian ranked Vernier 18th among 45 small employers. Over 1,000 companies were invited to participate in confidential employee surveys, covering topics from pay and benefits, to working conditions and corporate leadership.

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Tech Tip: LabQuest 2 and Chromebook: A Powerful Pair

LabQuest 2 wirelessly streaming temperature sensor data to a Chromebook

Using Chromebooks in your science lab? LabQuest 2 provides real-time data sharing to Chromebooks for every lab group. Connect any of more than 80 compatible sensors to LabQuest 2 and instantly share data to a Chromebook, along with any other device with a browser. No account login or app download is required; Vernier Data Share web app is served directly from LabQuest 2 and is available at no cost.

Students can analyze and annotate the data and save graphs or CSV files for use in other applications, such as Google Docs and Sheets or Plotly.

After class, students can finish their lab write up in offline mode. Vernier Data Share allows students to access their latest experiment and all the analysis, annotation, and export tools, even without access to LabQuest 2 or the Internet.

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Fall 2014 Caliper

In the latest edition of The Caliper, we’re showcasing new products and experiment ideas for the new school year!

  • New Go Wireless pH
  • New Renewable Energy with Vernier
  • LabQuest 2 on a Balloon Flight
  • Chemistry Experiments and NGSS
  • New Digital Microscope Camera
  • STEM and Ocean Wave Energy
  • Software Updates
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Professional Development

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NEW Fan Cart for Physics

Vernier Fan Carts

A new Vernier Fan Cart with high accelerations, variable mass, variable thrust, and variable thrust angle is now available for your dynamics system. Use this cart to study constant acceleration with your students without the confounding second dimension sometimes introduced by a cart on a ramp.

In order to create the highest acceleration possible from a fan cart, we put our superb low-friction wheels on a big fan. This construction keeps the total mass low, resulting in high acceleration. A high acceleration means that data are clean and graphs are clear, with friction easily ignorable. Three speeds are available to study acceleration as a function of force. Even better, you can turn the fan at an angle to the direction of travel, allowing students to experiment with and understand force vector components.

Two mass trays and included masses make it easy to change the mass without changing the thrust force. We include a sail attachment so you can test your students with the fan-on-a-sailboat puzzle.

Our new Fan Cart can be used with the standard Motion Detector and a Vernier Dynamics System, or you can get the Encoder Fan Cart to enjoy the simple and super-clean data from our Motion Encoder System.

Vernier Honored with the 2014 Service to Beaverton Award

Glass trophy

The Service to Beaverton Award is presented to individuals and businesses that willingly collaborate on community projects, as well as espouse volunteerism. Mayor Denny Doyle presented the 2014 Award to Vernier Software & Technology for providing up to four hours of paid volunteer time to their employees per month. Vernier was also recognized for its involvement in other community projects, such as providing more than 400 backpacks for needy elementary students in the community.

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Our New Building Addition is Open!

After two years of planning and construction, our new building addition is complete. The addition provides lots of new space for training teachers from around the world, and will allow our company the space it needs to grow.

Dave and Christine cutting the ribbon
Slide and periodic table installation
Artwork by Rick Sorensen

Introducing LabQuest Viewer® App for iPad

LabQuest Viewer for iPad

The LabQuest Viewer app is our latest app for iPad. Designed to be used by teachers, LabQuest Viewer allows you to view and control any LabQuest in your lab, and when using your iPad with a projector, display the LabQuest screen to the entire class. This is a perfect tool for whole-class demonstrations and student-led discussions. You can interact with the view on the iPad or the LabQuest from wherever you happen to be in the lab. You can also use the LabQuest Viewer app during labs to monitor student progress, identify when individual lab groups are struggling, and take advantage of teachable moments as they happen.

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NEW Renewable Energy with Vernier

Renewable energy education with Vernier

Renewable energy education is becoming increasingly important as teachers are challenged to engage students in STEM education. Vernier now offers a complete renewable energy education solution with the release of the new Renewable Energy with Vernier lab book, the Vernier Energy Sensor and Variable Load, and the KidWind Wind and Solar Energy Experiment Kits. The Renewable Energy with Vernier lab book, which was written and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), contains 26 experiments, including inquiry investigations, engineering projects, and more.

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Logger Pro 3.8.7 Update

Logger Pro 3.8.7 is now available for download. Version 3.8.7 features:

  • Vernier Energy Sensor support
  • Braille embosser support
  • Uncertainty Boxes Feature
  • Better CSV import/export for localized installs
  • Better Data Sharing upgrade behavior
  • Deploys Data Sharing Web App 1.4 supporting Internet Explorer 11 browser
  • Other defect fixes

Logger Pro 3.8.7 is a free update to all Logger Pro 3 users.

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