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Our Partners

Vernier Cooperative Alliances

Over the years, we have entered into a variety of alliances with other companies. The goal of each of these relationships is to provide educators with ever-improving access to and support for the use of data-collection technology in their classrooms. We are proud to acknowledge our affiliation with the following companies.

ADInstruments logo


ADInstruments and Vernier have partnered to create ready-to-use online curricula for biology and chemistry undergraduate students in the cloud-based platform Lt. 

Designed with active learning in mind, Lt integrates with Go Direct® sensors, enabling students to collect real-time data in their laboratories. Students and educators can access their online courses anywhere, anytime, and educators can create content, manage courses, grade student work, and integrate Lt with their chosen LMS.

Visit the ADInstruments website.


Bio-Rad combines high-quality supplies, equipment, and curricula with outstanding customer service and technical support—things Vernier believes are important to teachers. Vernier’s photodocumentation and gel analysis capabilities are a natural extension to the Bio-Rad products you are already using.

In this partnership, Bio-Rad and Vernier will work together to enhance classroom experiences with joint experiments and curricula. Teachers are utilizing Bio-Rad’s tested lab activities for bacterial transformation and DNA electrophoresis along with Vernier’s Blue and White Digital Bioimaging Systems and Logger Pro software for analysis.

Visit the Bio-Rad website.


Bodelin has been a leader in digital microscopy for the classroom since 2001. Their digital microscopes are used in thousands of classrooms worldwide. Software for capturing images, video and time lapse sequences are included with each purchase.

Visit the Bodelin website.

CASE 4 Learning logo (blue)

Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE)

Vernier is proud to work with CASE, the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education. CASE is an ambitious project established by the National Council for Agricultural Education in 2007. It is committed to the goal of improving educational experiences for agriculture students by empowering agriculture teachers.

Visit the CASE website.

Fisher Science Education

Fisher Science Education is a complete lab solutions provider serving K–12 science education, college, and consumer markets. Our comprehensive portfolio of education products covers all science disciplines, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Earth Science, as well as emerging curriculum areas like STEM, Career and Technical Education, Biotechnology, and Environmental Technology. We deliver practical real world science applications to the classroom through exciting products to engage students and demonstrate the relevancy of science in their everyday life.

Visit the Fisher Science Education website.

Flinn Scientific

Our special relationship with Flinn Scientific, the leading provider of chemistry education products, began in 1995. Since then, we have worked together to provide outstanding support for chemistry activities. Both companies carry a full line of Vernier probeware technology.

Visit the Flinn Scientific website.


This excellent, world-wide, hands-on, program gives primary- and secondary-school students the opportunity to learn science by doing science. Students participating in GLOBE take scientifically valid environmental measurements and report them to a publicly available database. Protocols and instruments are required to meet rigorous specifications in order to ensure the highest quality standards for data collection.

Visit the GLOBE website.

Inspiring Science Education

The mission of Inspiring Science is to provide digital resources and opportunities for teachers to help them make science education more attractive and relevant to students’ lives. Through the Inspiring Science Education website and the activities organized by the partners, teachers can help students make their own scientific discoveries, witness and understand natural and scientific phenomena and access the latest, interactive tools and digital resources from within their classrooms.

Visit the Inspiring Science Education website.

LEGO Education

Vernier is excited to be a part of a collaboration with LEGO EducationNational InstrumentsTufts University, and Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy to bring robotics to the forefront of education worldwide.

Visit the LEGO Education website.

National Instruments

National Instruments produces data acquisition hardware, automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software for engineering students, researchers, and professional engineers. Vernier and National Instruments created SensorDAQ, a USB data-acquisition interface that offers convenience and power to engineering students. In addition, Vernier provides support for Go Direct sensors and Vernier interfaces with National Instruments LabVIEW software, a graphical programming language used throughout the engineering disciplines. 

Visit the National Instruments website.

National Math + Science Initiative

The National Math + Science Initiative improves student performance in the critical subjects of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Through professional development workshops, NMSI’s programs transform teaching, schools, and education by focusing on the improvement of standardized test scores. Vernier technology enables NMSI to quickly start improving AP exam scores by making science more engaging.

Visit the NMSI website.

Ocean Insight (Formerly Ocean Optics)

Ocean Insight offers robust, scalable optical sensing tools, complemented by deep application knowledge, machine learning and digital tools, design and manufacturing expertise, and a global support and service network. They offer Applied Spectral Knowledge — innovative spectroscopy hardware, software, and on-demand data delivery backed by deep category expertise. Ocean Insight has locations in the America, Europe and Asia, and is part of Halma plc.

Visit the Ocean Insight website.


We are delighted to announce our association with OHAUS Corporation, a leading manufacturer of balances for education, laboratory, industrial and specialty markets worldwide. With over 90 years of experience in the design, development, and marketing of balances for a wide variety of applications, OHAUS has earned its reputation as a trusted partner of educators by providing precise, reliable and affordable products backed by unmatched teacher support and educational resources. Now OHAUS customers can use Vernier data-collection technology to graph mass data in real time, and to associate that data with other physical parameters such as temperature, pH, etc.

Visit the OHAUS website.

Project Lead the Way logo

Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way is a national organization that works with schools to implement rigorous hands-on, project-based engineering and engineering technology programs. They provide educators with the training and course materials needed to prepare students to be successful in these pursuits.

Learn more about Project Lead The Way and Vernier.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments and Vernier Science Education began working together in 1993 to develop handheld data collection technology for science and math education. This collaboration has produced low-cost, yet powerful portable data collection equipment for use in the classroom and the field. Joint projects have included developing new sensors and new data collection interfaces, writing lab manuals, and providing professional development opportunities.

Visit the Texas Instruments website.

Ward’s Science

Ward’s Science has been a leading supplier of science education materials since 1862. In 2003, Vernier began working with Ward’s with the purpose of making teaching science easier. Both companies are founded on a strong customer service ethic, backing your purchases with the best customer service and technical support in the business.

Visit the Ward’s Science website.