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Bio-Rad Laboratories and Vernier Software & Technology


Bio-Rad, one of the most trusted names in life science education, has teamed up with Vernier to make high-quality equipment and research-quality science and inquiry experience accessible for educational budgets.

For years, educators have been telling us about the challenges they face when trying to get the right equipment for their students. Our partnership with Bio-Rad helps bridge the gap between our research-grade equipment and tight educator resources.

Bio-Rad and Vernier combine high-quality supplies, equipment, and curricula with outstanding customer service and technical support—things we believe are important to teachers. Vernier and Bio-Rad enhance classroom experiences with joint experiments and curricula for biotechnology.

These Bio-Rad kits pair high-quality instruments with innovative experiments that help students form a deep understanding of key biotechnology concepts. See how Bio-Rad and Vernier technology can help you in your classroom or laboratory.

Featured Bio-Rad Kits