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Printed Newsletter Archive

The Caliper was a publication for users of Vernier products. We published newsletters about product announcements, upcoming workshops, innovative uses of our products, and more.

Date Volume Issue Cover Story
K-12 Spring 2020
College Spring 2020
37 1 Remote learning solutions, Vernier Video Analysis, Experiment Sample Data Library, new Go Direct Mini GC, and Go Direct Weather.
K-12 Fall 2019
College Fall 2019
36 2 Celebrating Dave Vernier’s 50 years in education, exploring moments of inertia with a centripetal force apparatus, and new Go Direct Spirometer and Blood Pressure Sensor.
Spring 2019 36 1 Go Direct Photogate, exploring vitamins with Spectral Analysis, and measuring how loud is your campus.
Fall 2018 35 2 Go Direct Sound, wireless Centripetal Force Apparatus, determine pitch and roll with LabVIEW and Go Direct Acceleration, Robotic Hand Project, Pivot Interactives add chemistry, and more.
Spring 2018 35 1 Simple Experiments with Go Direct® Sensor Cart, Coding with mBot: Self-Driving Vehicles Module, and more.
Fall 2017 34 2 A smart Wilberforce pendulum, an inquiry approach to understanding the relationship between dissolved oxygen and temperature, 3D-printable eddy current brake, and more.
Spring 2017 34 1 Radioactive rain, Graphical Analysis 4, Spectral Analysis 4, evolution of respiratory systems, building visual and digital literacy, and the Great American Eclipse.
Fall 2016 33 2 The sound of the crack of the bat, Vernier on Thingiverse, graphing periodic trends, new environmental data logger, using FLIR ONE thermal camera to study skin vascularity, and more.
Spring 2016 33 1 Microscope camera, Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE, Logger Pro power user features, investigating solar panel output, and innovative experiment ideas.
Fall 2015 32 2 New Vernier Circuit Board 2, putting the “E” in STEM, map data using ArcGIS Online, new sensors for Chemistry, capture images with LabQuest 2, software updates, and innovative uses.
Spring 2015 32 1 Motion Encoder System experiments, investigating weight distribution on a bicycle, Glass-Body pH Electrode, USB Digital Microscope, and Graphical Analysis for Chrome, software updates, and innovative uses.
Fall 2014 31 2 Go Wireless pH, new digital microscope camera, apps for iOS and Android, renewable energy with Vernier, and innovative uses.
Spring 2014 31 1 New Emissions Spectrometer, Vernier products for Arduino, UV-VIS spectroscopy, PAR Sensor experiments, new products for renewable energy, and innovative uses.
Fall 2013 30 2 Guide to Using Vernier Sensors with Arduino, NGSS, Mole Day Experiments, and Bean Beetles.
Spring 2013 30 1 Vernier Optical DO Probe, Using Logger Pro 3 with iPad and Mobile Technologies, Vernier Radiation Monitor, Using the Goniometer to Measure the Height of Trees, and Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry iBook
Fall 2012 29 2 Ethanol Sensor, Pyranometer, Using Olympic Results to Teach Graphing Skills, Connected Science System Updates, Discussion Forums, and Vernier White Paper on Probeware
Spring 2012 29 1 LabQuest 2, Diffraction Apparatus, Polarizer/Analyzer, Investigating Biology through Inquiry lab book, and Vernier Projectile Launcher
Fall 2011 28 2 30th Anniversary Grant Winners, Constant Current System, Primary Productivity Kit, and STEM Extensions for Vernier Experiments
Spring 2011 28 1 30th Anniversary Grants, Advanced Physics lab book, Melt Station, and Engineering Projects lab book
Fall 2010 27 2 Vernier Video Physics, High Current Sensor, Video Analysis of “Old Spice Guy”, and Vernier Bioswale
Spring 2010 27 1 LabQuest Mini, Hands-On Introduction to NI LabVIEW with Vernier SensorDAQ, Color Mixer for Vernier Dynamics System, and SpectroVis Plus
Fall 2009 26 2 Vernier Mini GC, Watts Up Pro, and White Digital Bioimaging System
Spring 2009 26 1 LabQuest App 1.2, Power Amplifier, and Vernier GPS
Fall 2008 25 2 Vernier Used Around the GLOBE and Netbooks
Spring 2008 25 1 LabQuest App 1.1
Fall 2007 24 2 LabQuest in the Classroom
Spring 2007 24 1 Vernier LabQuest
Fall 2006 23 2 Vernier Biotechnology
Spring 2006 23 1 Wireless Dynamics Sensor System
Fall 2005 22 2 Vernier EasyLink and Human Physiology with Vernier
Spring 2005 22 1 Vernier Dynamics System
Fall 2004 21 2 The New Salinity Sensor
Spring 2004 21 1 Advanced Chemistry with Vernier
Fall 2003 20 2 Logger Pro® Keeps Getting Better!
Spring 2003 20 1 Logger Pro® 3
Fall 2002 19 2 Earth Science Books
Spring 2002 19 1 Collect Data with Palm™ Handhelds
Fall 2001 18 2 New Spectrophotometer Program
Spring 2001 18 1 Vernier Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary
Fall 2000 17 1 Vernier LabPro
Fall 1999 16 2 Vernier LabPro
Spring 1999 16 1 Water Quality with CBL
Fall 1998 15 2 Physics with CBL
Spring 1998 15 1 Physics with Computers
Fall 1997 14 1 Logger Pro Wins Award!
Winter 1996-97 13 2 New from Vernier Software
Spring 1996 13 1 Rave Reviews for Graphical Analysis!
Fall 1995 12 2 Two New Versions of Graphical Analysis!