• Improved Gay-Lussac Experiment Considering Added Volumes

    Nelson Kilmer and Joel D. Krehbiel (Hesston College, Kansas);
    The Physics Teacher, 57, January, 2019, pp 21-25.

    Pressure sensors are often used to estimate absolute zero. This article explains how to improve the result if you account for the air that is inside both the tubing and the sensor.

  • Using a Modified Boyle’s Law Experiment to Estimate the Density of Salts

    Joel D. Krehbiel, Kenton N. Schroeder, Harune Suzuki, and Nelson Kilmer (Hesston College, Kansas);
    The Physics Teacher, 57, January, 2019, pp 58-59.

    This article explains how to use Boyle’s law to easily measure volume using Vernier pressure sensors.

  • Adding Math to Science

    Drew Nelson (Logan HS, Logan, UT) and Todd Campbell (University of Connecticut, Connecticut);
    The Science Teacher, October, 2018, pp 26-32.

    This article describes a multiple-day unit on friction in which the students take force data, make graphs, and use models that demonstrate several NGSS standards.

  • A Mystery in Motion

    Amy Choffin and Laura Johnson (Northern Hills Elementary School, Oklahoma);
    Science and Children, July, 2018, page 56.

    This article explains how grade school teachers introduce their students to sensors, graphing, and motion while using our Go!Motion sensor.