Vernier Software & Technology recently won two 2017 Tech & Learning Stellar Service Awards, which honor great achievements in customer care and satisfaction in the edtech industry. Selected by Vernier customers and Tech & Learning’s readers, Vernier was recognized for its free, hands-on workshops in the “Best Excuse To Leave The Classroom (Best In-Person Training Program)” and “Frequent Buyer Smiles (Best Perks & Extras)” categories.

Vernier offers more than 70 free, hands-on workshops nationwide each year. Led by experienced classroom teachers, the workshops offer novice and seasoned science and STEM instructors alike various ways to integrate data-collection technology into their curricula. During each four-hour workshop, educators explore classroom experiments using award-winning Vernier technology. Educators also receive an electronic copy of ready-to-use lab handouts and a free meal.

In addition to its workshops, Vernier offers educators a collection of free teaching resources, including innovative experiment ideas, data-collection apps, white papers on probeware research, a grant-writing guide, webinars, online video tutorials, and more.

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