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8Go Direct® Constant Current SystemGDX-CCS$74.00$592.00
8Go Direct® Conductivity ProbeGDX-CON$99.00$792.00
8Go Direct® Drop CounterGDX-DC$99.00$792.00
8Go Direct® Gas Pressure SensorGDX-GP$89.00$712.00
8Go Direct® ORP SensorGDX-ORP$99.00$792.00
8Go Direct® pH SensorGDX-PH$89.00$712.00
8Go Direct® Radiation MonitorGDX-RAD$179.00$1,432.00
8Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus SpectrophotometerGDX-SVISPL$399.00$3,192.00
8Go Direct® Temperature ProbeGDX-TMP$69.00$552.00
8Go Direct® Voltage ProbeGDX-VOLT$69.00$552.00
1Advanced Chemistry with VernierCHEM-A$48.00$48.00
8Electrode SupportESUP$10.00$80.00
8Stir StationSTIR$129.00$1,032.00
1Investigating Chemistry through InquiryCHEM-I$48.00$48.00
1Vernier Chemistry Investigations for Use with AP* ChemistryAPCHEM$48.00$48.00
1Chemistry with VernierCWV$48.00$48.00
Product Total$11,424.00
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