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National Academies Report Cover
A Call to Action for Science Education, a comprehensive report published by the National Academies of Sciences, outlines the need for equitable access to quality......
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Dave Vernier holding a Vernier caliper
This year marks 40 years of business for Vernier Software & Technology—a true milestone, to say the least. The company now serves a countless number of educators and students around the world, has more than 100 employees, and partners with...
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Vernier home office circa 1980s
Educators are always looking for ways to incorporate new technology into their teaching. It’s precisely for this reason that in the late seventies our co-founder Dave Vernier started tinkering with programming using the new Apple II computer, which was released...
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John Wheeler headshot
Based on the sheer amount of marketing emails and sales calls received on a weekly—or even daily—basis, district leaders can surely attest to the seemingly countless number of technologies on the market today. But just how big is the edtech...
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Vernier employees volunteering for SOLVE
It’s true that Dave and Christine Vernier started the company in 1981 to help share Dave’s educational software programs with other educators, but he was able to do that this particular summer because he struggled to find a second job...
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Headshot of Ryan Kagami
As the Science and STEM Resource Teacher for the Kailua-Kalāheo Complex Area in Hawaii, Ryan Kagami was used to helping teachers find new ways to engage students with science and math. But helping with NGSS integration was a far bigger...
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Photo of Glenn Lee and students visiting the Capitol
The robotics program that Lee founded doesn’t just set students up for success in college. It gives them valuable experience applying what they know to solve real-world problems....
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Neil Ford headshot
Ford won a 2020 Vernier/NSTA Technology Award for a project that challenged his pre-engineering students to work through the engineering design process to develop and build a class set of infrared photogates. Each student-designed photogate used a microcontroller coupled with...
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Illustration of The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers logo
The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) was founded nearly 14 years ago to help Asian-heritage professionals in the scientific and engineering fields achieve their full potential. Through its rich programming and events, it has continued to support these...
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Camille Rivera headshot
For environmental engineer Camille Rivera, protecting the environment has always been a top priority. She is from Puerto Rico and growing up on an island taught her how big an impact events such as hurricanes can have on the environment....
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