Attention: Safety Recall of Vernier Go Direct Charge Station. Click to learn more.


Power Amplifier Function Generator

This program is used with the Vernier Power Amplifier to turn your computer’s sound card into a function generator.

In addition to its capabilities as an amplifier, the Vernier Power Amplifier is designed for use as a versatile function generator when used with the Vernier LabQuest or LabQuest 2. The LabQuest audio output controls the Power Amplifier, and can produce a DC output as well as a variety of AC signals.

We have created a stand-alone program to allow a computer to control the Power Amplifier as a function generator. This program generates a formatted signal from the computer’s sound card to drive the Power Amplifier.

The program has the same functionality as the Power Amplifier app in the LabQuest with two additional features. The Power Amplifier will now produce an AC waveform with a DC offset, and is able to change the output frequency up and down by a factor of two (an octave).

On the Mac you must also install the LabVIEW 2011 Run-Time Engine. This is a free download from the National Instruments website.