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The Classic Approach

We have experiments, lab books, and resources for those whose students, teaching style, and resources better fit with a more classic approach to learning. In a classic approach, students are tasked with following detailed instructions to investigate specific scientific concepts, phenomena, or laws.

Vernier Lab Books for the Classic Approach

Vernier supports this more classic approach by providing a robust library of middle school lab books covering most science disciplines. Our lab books provide teacher-created step-by-step experiments that help your students work toward meeting the NGSS performance expectations and guide students through conducting hands-on experiments in a structured way.

Physical Science

From matter and energy to motion and forces, students explore a wide variety of topics in basic chemistry and physics in this e-book.

Life Science

From yeast to humans, this e-book provides opportunities for students to learn about life science.

Exploring Earth and Space Science

Weather, soil, and water quality are a few of the Earth science topics students explore in this e-book.

Wind Energy Explorations

These interactive, downloadable experiments challenge middle school students to examine renewable energy, wind power and engineering design.

Coding with mBot: Self-Driving Vehicles

Strengthen coding skills and problem solving by teaching students to successfully program mBot to mimic a number of self-driving car actions.

Middle School Science with Vernier

Designed specifically for middle school students, this book contains over 35 interactive experiments covering Earth science, life science, and physical science.

Solar Energy Explorations

Help your students better understand renewable energy, solar power, and engineering design through these hands-on investigations.

Exploring Motion
and Force

This downloadable e-book helps students investigate motion and force through experiments that utilize our Go Direct® Sensor Cart.