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Join the virtual field trip to the International Space Station with the ExoLab-8 mission. Get your ticket to space for the launch on February 20, 2021.

Take a Virtual Field Trip to Space

Redefine distance learning to 250 miles above the planet. We invite you to take distance learning to space with Join the virtual field trip to the International Space Station (ISS) with the ExoLab-8 mission.

The Mission

Find out if legumes can take the nitrogen in the atmosphere and turn it into the compounds that plants need to synthesize proteins.

ExoLab-8 is an NGSS-aligned plant science experiment. Mixing hands-on science on Earth and in space is a great opportunity to engage your students in crosscutting concepts. Students can grow their legumes simultaneously with the ones in space, which lets them observe the difference between the growth and development of their legumes and the batch growing in microgravity onboard the ISS. Students gain a deeper interest in STEM when they experience it hands on, watching their plants synthesize proteins and studying the plants in space to see if they are able to do the same.

The Time Is Now

In February 2021, the team will launch legumes into orbit that will then grow on the International Space Station for 30 days. Starting in March, students will be invited to participate in post-flight genetic and data analysis through May 2021.

This novel event-based approach to classroom learning will position your students at the forefront of scientific research, discovering insights in real time alongside our team of Principal Investigators and scientists. The ExoLab-8 program can be conducted remotely, in the classroom, or through a distributed education of blended or hybrid learning styles to fit your teaching needs.

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