In this initial activity, students recreate the functionality of Mode A–Manual Drive of the Default Program. Students are given a quick introduction to mBlock programing as they create their first program. Students learn how to control mBot with the IR Remote Control as well as how to turn on the LEDs. In the following activities in this module, students reuse and build upon these programs.


  • Learn about the three pre-programmed modes of operation of the Default Program.
  • Practice writing code, uploading and running a program on mBot, and troubleshooting code when problems arise.
  • Learn about using the IR Remote Control with mBot.
  • Practice using variables, “if-then-else” blocks, and loops in mBlock.
  • Learn about using the LEDs on mBot.
  • Write code to develop a basic manual-drive program for mBot.
  • Understand the importance of adding comments to programs.