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Activity Based Physics High School e‑dition

Activity Based Physics High School e‑dition

Activity Based Physics High School e‑dition


The Activity Based Physics High School e-dition is a special pre-college edition of physics curricula from the Wiley Physics Suite, including RealTime Physics, Workshop Physics, and Interactive Lecture Demonstrations.

Available to high schools only.

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The Activity Based Physics High School e-dition is a special pre-college edition of physics curricula from the Wiley Physics Suite, including RealTime PhysicsWorkshop Physics, and Interactive Lecture Demonstrations.

Since 2004 curricular materials from the Activity Based Physics Suite have been sold in print form by John Wiley & Sons for introductory physics students. The authors of these materials have received national recognition as leaders in the development of introductory physics curricula that make creative use of computer technologies and the findings of physics education research.

Electronic versions of the Physics Suite curricular materials can now be licensed for use at the pre-college level only through Vernier Software & Technology. The Suite materials include all four RealTime Physics modules for laboratory use, all four Workshop Physics Activity Guide modules, as well as the Interactive Lecture Demonstrations series published by Wiley. In addition, the authors of the award-winning Explorations in Physics modules have agreed to include them in the license.

The Activity Based Physics High School e-dition materials are designed for use with Vernier interfaces and data-collection software. They enable students to learn about topics in mechanics, thermal physics, electricity, magnetism, wave motion, sound, and nuclear radiation using hands-on activities. Includes setup files for e-dition activities.

Additional materials include sample homework assignments and lesson plans, video materials, teacher guides, and links to websites that disseminate topic specific conceptual assessment examinations for pre and post testing.

Purchase of an e-dition for a school includes a 5-year license that allows teachers at the school to modify, reprint, or disseminate materials to students at their school via a closed network.

Available for purchase by US high schools only.

Table of Contents

  1. ReadMe document explaining the License agreement and contents of the E-dition
  2. RealTime Physics with Instructor materials (2012 E-dition)
    1. RTP Module One (Mechanics)
    2. RTP Module Two (Heat & Thermodynamics)
    3. RTP Module Three (Electricity and Magnetism)
    4. RTP Module Four (Light and Optics)
    5. Teachers– Guide to Module One
    6. Teachers– Guide to Module Two
    7. Teachers– Guide to Module Three
    8. Teachers– Guide to Module Four
  3. The ILD Book
  4. Workshop Physics
    1. Modules 1 (2013 E -– Mechanics I
    2. Modules 1-3 (2013 E -– Mechanics II
    3. Modules 1-3 (2013 E -– Heat, Temperature and Nuclear Radiation
    4. Module 4 (2004 E -– Electricity and Magnetism
    5. Set of Movies to accompany Workshop Physics Units
  5. Workshop Physics Homework Problems
    1. Homework Assignments for each Workshop Physics Unit
  6. Morse Kinematics Problem Solving Materials
    1. Template for Solving Problems by Morse Method
    2. Set of Homework Problems distributed in Morse Method
    3. Sample Homework Assignments for Regular Physics class using Morse Method
  7. Explorations in Physics and instructor materials
    1. Unit A: Force, Motion, and Scientific Theories
    2. Unit B: Light, Sight, and Rainbows
    3. Unit C: Heat, Temperature, and Cloud Formation
    4. Unit D: Buoyancy, Pressure, and Flight
    5. Unit E: Atoms, Crystals, and Snowflakes
    6. Unit F: Sound, Vibrations, and Musical Tones
    7. Unit G: Population, Climate, and Mathematical Modeling
    8. Unit H: Magnets, Charge, and Electric Motors
    9. Homework and Exams for each of the above units
    10. ReadMe takes user to website to Users Guide for implementation of curricula
  8. Radiation
    1. Radiation and Health Unit
    2. Three Mile Island – Citizen Monitoring Guide (TMI-CMN)
  9. Physics Folk Songs CD and Assignments
    1. The Bricklayer–s Song (P. Cooksey)
    2. Applesauce (J. Harmon)
    3. Pool Table Physics Lab Rap (R. Morse)
    4. Galaxy Song (E. Idle, J. DuPrez)
    5. Motion Detector Rag (D. Hildebrand)
    6. Newton–s Laws (B. Franklin/G. Hildebrand)
    7. I–m My Own Grandpaw (D. Latham, M. Jaffe)
    8. Particles . . . Quant–em (J. Harmon)
    9. Electricity and History (G. Hildebrand)
    10. How Colors Delight (J. Franklin/G. Hildebrand)
    11. Simple Harmonic Oscillator Rap (S. Lewicki, D. Politzer, D. Priest)
    12. To Sir Isaac (D. Hildebrand)
    13. Homework to accompany each song
  10. New Mechanics Sequence Article
  11. Activity Based Physics High School Resources from Maxine Willis
    1. For Algebra Based Physics Classes Block Scheduling
      1. Introduction to class documents
      2. Course outline with Pennsylvania Standards (2005)
      3. Sample Lesson Plans
    2. For AP Physics Mechanics C
      1. AP 1st Semester Combined Calculus/Physics Calendar
      2. AP Final Project
      3. AP Lab Reports
      4. AP Lesson Plans
      5. Introduction to class documents
      6. AP Summer Packet
      7. AP WEB Homework Assignments
      8. AP Course outline with Pennsylvania Standards (2005)
      9. Tips for taking the AP test
    3. Bridges – Unit on building toothpick bridges
      1. Resources include Activity, Rubrics, Resources and Lesson Plan
    4. Graphing Activities
      1. Graph Project – Laboratory Activity and Rubric for finding relationships between variables through graphical analysis of the data
      2. Library of Graphs – has students use Excel to generate functions and see graphical displays.
    5. Lab Focus – PowerPoint Summation of history of implementation of Activity Based Physics in Gettysburg High School from 1990 through 2003.
    6. ReadMe_v2.doc – gives a clear summary of each folder in Section 11.

What's Included

Activity Based Physics High School e-dition includes:

  • Downloadable Curricular Materials
  • Downloadable Instructor Materials


Learn more about the materials incorporated in the Activity Based Physics High School e-dition:


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