Blue Digital Bioimaging System

Blue Digital Bioimaging System

Blue Digital Bioimaging System


The Blue Digital Bioimaging System allows you to illuminate your gels and capture the image digitally on your computer


Vernier brings its cutting-edge technology to your biotech lab! The Blue Digital Bioimaging System allows you to illuminate your gels, capture the image digitally on your computer, and analyze the data using Logger Pro software. The Blue Digital Bioimaging System includes the BlueView™ Transilluminator, Imaging Hood, ProScope HR digital USB camera with 1-10X lens, and a ProScope Stand.

Our BlueView Transilluminator uses super bright blue LEDs to illuminate DNA gel banding patterns, making it a safe and affordable alternative to ultraviolet transilluminators.

  • The BlueView Transilluminator works well with SYBR® Safe DNA gel stain.
  • The Imaging Hood eliminates glare or stray light for a great photo every time.
  • The ProScope HR is a high-resolution, digital USB camera. A 1-10X lens is included.
  • The adjustable ProScope Stand makes setup easy.

One of the most exciting components of our entry into biotech education is the Gel Analysis feature in Logger Pro (version 3.4.5 or newer, free update for current owners of Logger Pro 3). Once a tedious task, often ending with mediocre results, Logger Pro provides students with a fast, easy way to document and analyze digital gel images. Using a photo taken with a ProScope HR, your own digital camera, or just by inserting a photo from a file, Logger Pro helps your students create a standard curve and calculate the number of base pairs (molecular weight) for each experimental band in only a few minutes.

Purchase the Blue Digital Bioimaging System and save $36! Or if you have components of the system, purchase only the components you need.


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