Investigating Temperature

Investigating Temperature

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Investigating Temperature


Written especially for elementary teachers, this lab book contains 10 engaging temperature experiments.

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Written especially for elementary teachers, this lab book contains 10 engaging temperature experiments:

  • Activities for grades 2 through 5
  • Easy-to-use, black-line masters
  • Lots of teacher tips
  • Clear illustrations to facilitate understanding



Table of Contents

ExperimentSuggested Products
1Are We Cool or What?Go Direct® Temperature Probe
2Why Do We Need Thermometers?Go Direct® Temperature Probe
3Celsius or Fahrenheit. What's the Difference?Go Direct® Temperature Probe
4Getting it Just Right!Go Direct® Temperature Probe
5The Temperature Probe Spends the NightGo Direct® Temperature Probe
6Hold Everything! Comparing InsulatorsGo Direct® Temperature Probe
7Keepin' it Cool! Design Your Own ThermosGo Direct® Temperature Probe
8I'm Melting! Water Changes StatesGo Direct® Temperature Probe
9Solid, Liquid, Gas: Water Can Do it All!Go Direct® Temperature Probe
10Cool Reaction! The Reaction of Baking Soda and VinegarGo Direct® Temperature Probe


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