KidWind Basic Turbine Building Parts

KidWind Basic Turbine Building Parts

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KidWind Basic Turbine Building Parts


The Basic Turbine Building Parts kit includes the KidWind Hub, a wind turbine generator, and 25 dowels, all in one package.

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These are the bare-bones components to build your own experimental wind turbine. This package is great for students who don’t want a ready-made wind turbine tower and base, and is great for educators who want an affordable way for each of their students (or student groups) to do hands-on experiments with wind power.

The Classroom Pack also includes a free blade pitch protractor!

What's Included

Basic Turbine Building Parts

  • Wind Turbine Hub (1)
  • Wind Turbine Generator with Wires1 (1)
  • Dowels2 (25)

Basic Turbine Building Parts (10 Pack)

  • Wind Turbine Hub (10)
  • Wind Turbine Generator with Wires1 (10)
  • Dowels2 (250)
  • Blade Pitch Protractor (1)

Warranty Exceptions and Exclusions

  1. This part has a 1 year limited warranty.
  2. This part is a consumable and excluded from warranty.




5-year limited warranty (1 year on generator, consumables excluded)

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