This is a replacement for the Microstirrer that ships with our Drop Counters. It takes the place of a magnetic stir bar but it attaches directly to the end of a pH sensor, or similar 12 mm OD sensor. The Microstirrer results in enhanced stirring near the electrode tip.



When we introduced our new Drop Counter, we decided to include a Vernier Microstirrer to enhance stirring. Since then, we have had many requests to have this as a separate product. The Microstirrer takes the place of the stirring bar that is typically used with a laboratory magnetic stirrer. The new Vernier Microstirrer easily attaches to the end of a pH Sensor, Dissolved Oxygen Probe or Ion-Selective Electrode. When the magnetic stirrer plate (required, but not included) is turned on, its magnetic field turns the paddle wheel of the Microstirrer, resulting in enhanced stirring near the electrode tip. The Microstirrer works with any magnetic stirrer.



Warranted on arrival only.

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