Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit

Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit

Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit


The Mirror Set for the Optics Expansion Kit extends the kit to allow students to easily study image formation by concave and convex mirrors.

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Use the Mirror Set with the Light Source and Screen on the Optics Expansion Kit and the track from the Vernier Dynamics System to observe and measure real and virtual images cast by mirrors.

With mirrors solidly mounted on a track acting as an optics bench, your students can quickly understand how images are formed and located.

What's Included

  • Fixed Convex Mirror (-200 mm focal length)
  • Half Screen
  • Adjustable Concave Mirror (200 mm focal length)


There are no accessories available for this product.


Educational use only: Vernier products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical, or commercial applications.

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